Canadian in the Phillies (photo: Jousseau)

Birthday: December 8th, 1992
Stance: Goofy & slammed in!
Preferred Pull: Cable

Alliance: Where are you from and how did you start wakeboarding? How long have you been riding?

Alex: I am from a small town called Mont-Laurier in the province of Québec where most of the population have no clue what wakeboarding is. I moved to Pointe-Calumet, Quebec, where the only five-tower cable in Canada is located. It gets very cold in Canada during the winter so our seasons are extremely short and there’s not many cable parks. For years, I was looking at the park from far away, near my house, watching the riders ripping around. I always wanted to go out there but I never had the money to try it. One day, after some time had passed, I committed to giving it a shot. My friend Dave Jacques brought me to Pointe’s Wake Park in the summer of 2014 and the day after that, I bought a season pass and a board. I’m still shredding since that day and everything that has happened since then is just so good. Wakeboarding literally changed my life. Everything I’ve been doing since is all related to the love of wakeboarding.

Alliance: Where are you living these days?

Alex: I’m currently living at the Valdosta Wake Compound for the winter. Quinn Silvernale and Luke Tilt are awesome to let me work/ride out there and the park is the best.

Alliance: What are you plans for the upcoming season?

Alex: For the summer, I’m going back to my home cable of Pointe’s Wake Park to work and also I want to take some time to start winching. Once summer is over, I’m going to go back to VWC and I would like to take a trip back to Asia as well. I live my life on the next opportunity so I never know what will happen until it’s happening *laughs*. But I’m super hyped to be riding, improving and traveling.

Alliance: Where’s your favorite spot that you’ve ridden?

Alex: Valdosta Wake Compound, for sure. The park is super challenging so it pushes my limits a lot. Everyday I can feel some sort of improvement, especially my switch game. The vibe and everything is awesome too. I feel very lucky and I’m super thankful to ride there, but especially being a part of the family as well.

Alliance: What are some classic wake videos that you always have on repeat?

Alex: I love the Invading series that Alliance ran a few years back, Mirrors from William Klang was rad, and you have to love The Coalition videos.

Alliance: When you’re not riding, what are you filling your time with?

Alex: I keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry and watch edits people come out with. Doing my homework, basically *laughs*. I grew up hunting and fishing so when it’s the right season, I enjoy those as well. I learned yoga a couple years ago and it’s now like my second thing. I try to do it for at least two hours a day and like wakeboarding, I like learning new things in yoga. It’s also very good for my injuries, so that’s a plus.

Alliance: What do you do to get hyped up for a session?

Alex: Getting some yoga in and listening to some music gets me in the right state of mind. I also like to sit down by the cable and look at the features and imagine different ways to hit them. It gets me so hyped to go out there with a trick in mind and really focus on it.

Alliance: Do you ever get behind the boat or are you strictly a cable rat?

Alex: Somehow I just NEVER got behind a boat so, for now, Mini is a cable rat.

Alliance: Skinny stance or wide?

Alex: Skinny for sure! I’ve been on the skinny stance for about two months now and I can already say that I’ve been having more fun. I should have tried it years ago.

Alliance: Are there any specific riders that you get inspiration from?

Alex: I respect and get inspiration from so many people out there but since I started, I’d say Oli and Raph Derome, Ben Leclaire, Yan Tibo, Tanar Pigrenet, William Klang and Quinn Silvernale are the people who have influenced me the most in my riding.

Alliance: Rails or kickers? Why?

Alex: Rails because I think there are more ways to get creative and have fun on them. They give you more room to improve your riding rather than just hucking some flips and spins.

Alliance: If you were trapped on a deserted island, what are the three things you’d bring with you? Assuming you could choose things to bring …

Alex: A woman, a bottle of whiskey (maple syrup whiskey in preference) and a guitar so I can finally learn how to play.