It’s all in the hair… (photo: Mathis) 

The Pete Rose is one of the most stylish mobes out there. The beauty of this trick is that you can hold the grab throughout the whole trick and grab it in a lot of different spots to put your own flavor on it. Invented by the Godfather Scott Byerly, the Pete Rose might be intimidating to learn but is a staple in every pro rider’s trick bag. Jeff Langley has one of the smoothest ones out there so we got up with him to get a few insider tips on how to add this maneuver to your repertoire!

Boat: Malibu 24 MXZ
Ballast: 800 lbs Plug n Play, Power Wedge II      
Speed: 22 mph
Lake: Clear Lake, FL
Crew: Meagan Ethell, Guenther Oka, Tony Carroll, Chad Sharpe
Tunes: Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing


Do: Have a solid progressive edge with the hardest pull on the boat right through the top of the wake.                  

Don’t: Let off your edge. If you do, it causes the line tension to catch halfway through the trick and you get a nice back edge for your trouble.

Take Off

Do: Wait until you feel the wake take you up before you initiate the flip.

Don’t: Force the flip. A proper edge is your best friend here.

Getting The Grab

Do: Bring your front knee into your chest to grab nose and hold it all the way through the rotation.

Don’t: Let your upper body flip back until you get the grab. Make sure to flip with your hips leading the way.


Do: Spot your landing, tuck the handle to the small of your back and either land wrapped or pass the handle once you touch down.

Don’t: Pass the handle too soon. This trick is easy to over rotate and an early handle pass almost always leads to slipping out.