I’m the new recruit to Alliance, and the only girl holding her own full time in the office, but no worries, the guys are taking it easy on me so far.
    As the newbie, I volunteered to venture out and help cover some local San Diego events. Naturally, I was very excited that my first was a “calling all girls” event. Bright and early this past Sunday, I attended the first of three open ride events for Liquid Force’s Maven group. LF’s marketing and product teams have created Maven for girls and women who like to wakeboard or wakeskate.
    These events were taking place at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center in San Diego. What a great place this is, holy crap. The Aquatic Center offers local university students credit earning classes in wakeboarding and other water sports. The Maven Ladies Free Ride events are open to the general public, making them a cool way for women of all ages to get together and ride in a relaxed atmosphere. They even had Stef Tor out there to meet everyone and share some of her knowledge. Stef encouraged the group to try wakeskating, which went over pretty well.
    I talked to some of the ladies, listened to details of Liquid Force’s premier boards and did a ride along with Stephanie; a new rider who rode further than she ever had before. I wish I could say I got out there but a nice little twisted ankle prevented that, next time for sure you’ll see me.
    If you’re going to be in the San Diego area, the next events are April 9 and May 21 from 8-11 AM. Both Liquid Force Maven and the Aquatic Center have awesome websites. Check them out: www.liquidforcemaven.com or www.missionbayaquaticcenter.com. You will need to register through the Aquatic Center prior to the event.