Maven At It Again

Sunday April 9, there was another Maven spotting. This time it featured Melissa Marquardt and the ladies were very excited to see yet another talented girl representing in the sport.

If you’re going to be in the San Diego area, both Liquid Force Maven and the Aquatic Center have awesome websites. Check them out: or You will need to register through the Aquatic Center prior to the event to participate.

The last of these local events at San Diego’s Mission Bay Aquatic center is scheduled for May 21.

Amber Wing has been residing at TWC while she is in the states for the season here. She’ll be competing on the PWT and she also scored an invite to the IWSF World Cup. Amber is flying into San Diego in 2 weeks to bring her slider skills to the Carlsbad Lagoon for the kick-off Slideshow series.
Andrea Fountain just won the New Zealand Nationals, making her the 6-time winner of that event. Andrea and one male athlete were selected out of thousands of New Zealand athletes to be part of a student-mentoring program. Hyundai even gave her a truck to sport when she returns to the states to compete in the PWT for the first time in 3 years. She will stay with fellow LF Maven riders, Ster Tor and Courtney Dutson, their house will now be renamed Maven Headquarters.

 Hyundai is a major sponsor of the program and so Andrea will be receiving a complimentary truck from them. Andrea will be state-side very soon and will be competing in the PWT for the first time in 3 years. She also was invited to compete on the IWSF World Cup circuit. Andrea will be moving in with fellow Maven riders, Stef Tor and Courtney Dutson making it the first and only entirely Maven household on Lake Mary Jane in Orlando, FL.