LF Faithful, The LF marketing team puts you in the driver seat with the latest updates and news…pedal to the metal. April showers us with greatness…Ben Greenwood month It’s the month that every rider looks forward to. Whether you’ve been riding all winter or just dusting off the gear, summer is kicking into gear and it feels good. You probably want to shout it from a mountain top, SPRING BREAK 2006! It’s fitting that we dedicate this month of good times to Ben Greenwood, the official “Rider of the Month” in April. Be sure to check your LF calendar for official photos, stats, and holidays. Birthdays are where it’s at…a chance to win Free Stuff Clowns, balloon animals, presents, and most importantly cake. These are all things that separate your average day from the greatest day ever…your birthday! Want to win some free stuff? It’s simple… all you have to do is answer this question: Which LF riders are celebrating birthdays this month? Check your LF Calendar and let jasonm@liquidforce.com know who’s throwing a birthday bash this month. First one to list them all with the correct names and dates wins a patented LF care package. “Rider of the Year” joins forces with the Alliance crew Benny G’s on fire right now. Well not really burning up in flames… Ben, Aaron Reed, and the Alliance Wake crew have been blazing across the countryside with a vengeance filming for the next Alliance Wake video. He spoke of the journey, “Although weary from two weeks of towing boats across the country and taking part in what has to be a record setting amount of U-turns, spirits are still high and we are getting a ton of good stuff done. Aaron and I, along with a 17 time X-games champ, the man who invented spinning lines on a wakeboard, and a kid named George, are currently rocking in Austin TX. Plan is to hit the Texas Ski Ranch today, then continue westward to reach the promise land…. Carlsbad. Things have been good, the Alliance video will be pretty spectacular and I am looking forward to hanging with you cats for a few days at the Carlsbad “Slide Show”. Side note: Keith Kipp will need a vacation after this. Poor guy’s head is about to explode. There definitely aren’t enough stand-up guys like him in this world.” Slide Show… only 2 weeks away from the Carlsbad kickoff! LF will be bringing Shane, Watson, Aaron, Collin, Tino, Lyman, Benny G, Gregg, Melissa and Amber to the kickoff event at the Carlsbad Lagoon, April 29th. The Slide Show rail jam and double up event presented by LF, Monster, and Malibu Boats will surely be a show to remember. Slide Show attendees will get an up close look at what our team can do on the water and on rails. Invited amateur riders will also get a chance to compete and become legends for the day. Don’t miss out on your chance to mingle with the pros, check out our sponsors gear, and to cheer on your local legends! For more info, be sure to check out www.carlsbadlagoon.com or call Josh and the crew at 760 434 3089. For a list of all other Slide Show events scheduled throughout the summer, as well as a complete list of all sponsors making the Slide Show happen, be sure to check out http://www.liquidforce.com/slide-show.htm. Phil’s Festival among the Lakes…say that five times fast Some have said that Phil Soven is a futuristic machine from another planet, designed to win contests. Although he is a well-oiled, competition machine, his intentions are clearly for the betterment of mankind. Here’s an example… Phil took top honors at The Festival among the Lakes. The event was a fun tournament which raised proceeds for the Rotary Club. Local up and coming LF rider, Jimmie LaRiche joined forces with Phil, Keith Lyman, Tino Santori and others… all lent a helping hand to humanity. Check out more at http://www.wakeworld.com/getarticle.asp?articleid=664. Epic waves keep Collin Harrington at sea… The Tiki Adventures captain log reads, “I am still in Costa Rica. I changed my ticket to stay a bit longer. I don’t come home until Friday, now. We scored Pavones with a few double overhead sets and the most perfect, longest waves of my life…The waves were at least a minute, to minute and a half each…mental! We literally haven’t had a day with waves smaller than overhead. I will try and call you tomorrow.” If you’re interested in charting a trip that you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life check out http://www.tikiadventures.com/tiki/index.cfm. It’s the Harrington family business, no wonder Collin is such an amazing waterman. We’ll keep you posted on his future adventures at sea. Free trip to Lake Powell…LF making dreams come true for one lucky winner Every person that buys a 2006 LF board or binding will be able to enter into our sweepstakes for a free, week-long houseboat rental, courtesy of Liquid Force and Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas. All that you have to do is fill out a postcard that can be picked up at a local shop, attach your proof of purchase with it, and send it back to us at LF by the middle of September, 2006. You can also enter at http://www.liquidforce.com/powell-contest.htm for the chance to win a trip every wakeboarder has dreamed of. BROstock…Bro’s, Brah’s, and Boats…it’s going off the charts What is BROstock you ask? It’s our excuse to leave the office and head to the most beautiful place on earth. Tony Finn’s view of Lake Powell: “Water-ski lakes were made by man for skiers… Lake Powell was made by God for wake boarders”. All we know is that we’re closing shop and taking a vacation with our entire team… Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reed, Melissa Marquardt, and more will be there to join us in the fun, June 9th-11th. We’re inviting everyone we know including you, your family, friends, bro’s or brah’s. Book your houseboat with Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas, out of Wahweap Marina, at 1-800-207-8364, or on www.lakepowell.com . The LF discount code is H30011. More details (exact location on the lake, day’s activities, etc…) will be appearing on www.liquidforce.com , shortly. LF Party gear…are you ready for summer? At LF, we’re not afraid to admit that there is one thing we’re great at… Living life like it’s a party! Because of that we’ve created a specific line of tow able party accessories for your partying pleasure, as well as ours. Bring your friends and family and favorite beverage along for the ride with the LF Party Island and Party Couch. Equipped with a durable nylon liner, heavy duty tow bridle, 50-qrt cooler holder and strategically placed cup holders, the Party Island is perfect for lounging and cruising in style. The versatile Party Couch can be towed in two directions for high speed lounging or aggressive towing. With padded handles and cup holders it compliments the comfort and party capabilities of the Party Island. Sit back and relax on the coolest and most comfortable party tow-ables in the world! Angel day tripper board bag is in stock and ready to rock A sleek design for the lady-ripper on the move, the Angel board bag is equipped with heavy-duty nylon to keep your entire setup protected. It’s also dialed with a padded shoulder strap for comfortable carry. Stylish and practical…for the Angel in your family! That’s it for this week… Have a wonderful Easter…rumor has it Shane Bonifay is dressing up in a bunny suit and hiding eggs so check back next week for embarrassing photos.