Pizza boy? More like Rubber boy. Massi Piffaretti with a proper tuck (photo: Mathis)

Bec Gange has a better tail grab than you. Deal with it (photo: Mathis)

 Say it, don’t spray it Mizuki Takahashi! (photo: O’Brien)

 Harley Clifford with those kangaroo hops (photo: Mathis)

Offshore winds and head high barrels. Michael Belligan catching waves on the Delta (photo: Donoso)

Lights. Camera. Action. Derek Cook knows the drill (photo: Mathis)

  How’s your knee taste Guenther Oka? (photo: Donoso)

Early morning gold with Tony Iacconi (photo: Mathis)

Are you supposed to have this much style when you’re 14? It doesn’t seem to be a problem for Fynn Bullock… (photo: Mathis)

Unwinding with Parker Siegele (photo: Mathis)