Heyday Wakeboats are all about keeping things easy and fun while you’re out on the water. The WT-2 DC, aka Dylan Miller’s ride of choice, has plenty of plumbed in ballast to help make setting up your boat for a wake session super simple. It also has tons of storage so you can bring all your favorite water toys out with you. Not feeling your wakeboard? No problem, drain all the bags with the flip of a switch and get out there for a quick barefoot or ski set! And then chill on the back lounge chairs while your crew takes it easy on the water. With one of the most competitive prices on the market and a sick wake to back it up, Heyday Wakeboats are built for the rider who wants to shred a legit boat without paying the large price tag. Check out the full edit above as Dylan walks you through all his favorite features of the Heyday WT-2 DC.

For more info, visit Heyday’s website at https://heydaywakeboats.com/

photos: Mathis
Feet on fire!  Even rip that slalom Then strap in for a wake sesh Metal flake FTW Who doesn’t love a good method? Once you’re back in the boat, take a chill surf set Captain Stella always on the lookout Storage a-plenty And easy to clean!Nothing like a solid day on the water