GoPro HERO9 Black Is Here

$349.98 with 1-year subscription to GoPro
First Impression: GOTTA HAVE IT!


What Alliance Says About The GoPro HERO9

Each year GoPro has elevated the HERO to unexpected new levels of video and photo capture quality. This year was not just a progression but an incredible leap with the newly launched HERO9. Standout features for us are the all-new front display, bigger sensor for 5K video resolution and pro quality 20MP photography, incredible array of mods and massively updated rugged construction. We see ourselves uplifting our GoPro capture and creativity well beyond our expectations specifically within our content agency Alliance MultiMedia.



GoPro History

It’s been 16 years since GoPro’s founder Nick Woodman launched the original HERO, which few recall was a 35mm film camera intended for surfers who finally had a POV capture device designed for their world. A few short years later GoPro would introduce the HERO2 and for the first time ever offer digital high-definition video capture and quality photography in a compact POV package, capable of being mounted anywhere. What happened next was arguably one of the biggest moments in capture history, propelling GoPro into one of the largest action and lifestyle content portals on the planet. Today when something cool happens, if someone accomplishes an extraordinary feat or if something extremely rare is caught on camera, it’s likely captured and shared through the world of GoPro. The HERO has even worked its way onto the silver screen most notably The Martian starring Matt Damon.

As early adopters of the GoPro platforms, Alliance immediately realised the capture opportunities the small lightweight package could provide and implemented HERO into our capture wheelhouse. And while most people were focused on the video capture opportunities (rightfully so) we understood an even larger potential in the photography. To date Alliance Wake Magazine has captured and printed more quality GoPro covers and unique editorials than any other print publication we’re aware of to include HERO3 HERO3+ HERO4 HERO5 and most recently the HERO8

HERO has also been an incredible tool for Alliance on specialty projects. Standouts examples can be found on our adventure to Silverton CO with the crew from Red Bull, Daniel Grant At Home in Thailand and last year’s incredible trip to Japan with the team from Malibu Boats.


GoPro HERO9 In Summary

If history repeats itself then we couldn’t be more excited to pack our HERO9 and head towards the storytelling horizon. Whether you’re looking to catch that next trick, capture adventures with friends and family or livestream something incredible for the world to view, the GoPro HERO9 and its incredible array of all-new accessories and capabilities are a must-have.

For all the detailed specs and info on the HERO9 visit the GoPro website and for incredible inspiration check out their Instagram page.