I caught up with Orlando ripper Robby Holihan to get some insight into the new Ronix Camber technology. He gave me a quick rundown on the benefits of camber for both boat and cable. Based on what Robby had to say and what I’ve heard at the cable, I’d definitely recommend taking one of these for a rip.



Photo: Perkins

Which of the camber boards are you currently riding? I’m currently riding the Parks on boat and the Bandwagon on cable. The Parks is more lively and responsive (which I like for boat) and the Bandwagon has a more mellow feel that works great in the park.

How do they ride differently from boards you’ve been on in the past? These boards ride completely different than anything I’ve ridden in the past. They have an insane vertical pop that feels really centered/predictable. Also, they are much more responsive than other boards; it’s hard to describe but I feel like I have more awareness of where the board is sitting/riding in the water. Because the camber boards are wider through the middle I can also ride them in a slightly shorter size…this gives them a fun skate-like feel and reduces swing weight a ton.

Did it take a while to adjust? Yea, it definitely took me a few sets to adjust because this new rocker line is so different. I’d recommend riding the Bandwagon first and then transitioning to the Parks.

How is it on the cable? The Bandwagon is super fun on the cable. The camber rocker helps the board lock into effortless presses and it even gives you more snap off the top of kickers. Landings are really soft and stable too.


Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 9.13.24 PM

Photo: Lipscomb




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