Glen Fletcher has been coaching the best riders in the sport from around the globe for over a decade. When in Orlando, many of the world’s best and all of the top up and coming pros train with Glen. To keep them coming back he must offer them a great wake every day. That means he needs a great boat with a ton of power that is incredibly reliable, his livelihood depends on it. For 4 years Glen has had the same Supra 450 and runs it hard with over 4,500 pounds of ballast to make that perfect wake. That boat now has over 4,300 hours on the same motor and transmission. Fletcher said, “I experienced the same durability with my last Indmar that had over 10,000 hours on it. An Indmar Marine Engine is an amazing machine – consistent & reliable.”
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YOUR REACTION? - 2024 Centurion Ri265 Test Drive Boat Review

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