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Earlier this week, we caught up with Aussie rider Brad Teunissen…get to know his younger half, Cory Teunissen in the “Firsts” feature below. Keep an eye out for the mute back mobe 5 Cory has been doing recently…thing is insane.

Memory of riding: I can’t say getting up for the first time because I was too young to remember. So next best thing would probably be landing my first wake jump.


Wakeboard: O’brien Vision


Sponsor: This little wakeboard store that was on the Gold Coast when I started riding


Car: Too young…don’t have my license yet


Trip to the emergency room: 9 years old. Broken arm.


CD: Either a Linkin Park or Greenday album. Not sure which was first.


Contest win: A grassroots contest back in Australia that I grew up competing in.


Trick you start your set with: Heel side backside 7


Roommate in Orlando: Harley Clifford and Shota Tezuka


Cable park you ever rode: Bli Bli Wake Park, Sunshine Coast Australia


Pro you rode with: Josh Sanders


Girlfriend: Still never had one.


Autograph you signed: Some really cool fan back when I was about 12 years old.


Wakeboard Vessel: An old ski boat