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Groveland, Florida – May 19 & 20  – The highly anticipated first stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour took place in Groveland, Florida, showcasing an extraordinary display of talent and skill from some of the world’s top wakeboarders and wakesurfers. The event, held at Lake David Park, drew an enthusiastic crowd of spectators who witnessed exhilarating performances and jaw-dropping tricks.

In the Pro Wakeboard Finals, the competitors left no doubt about their prowess on the water. Cory Teunissen dominated the event, securing the top spot with an impressive score of 93.33. Hot on his heels was Tyler Higham, who claimed second place with a remarkable score of 91.33. Fynn Bullock had a stand up run and grabbed his first Pro Podium, following closely behind Tyler, securing the third position with a score of 87.67. Massi Piffaretti showcased his incredible skills but took a fall on the double up and landed in fourth place with a score of 85.33. Maxime Roux and Shota Tezuka impressed the audience with their performances, securing fifth and sixth place respectively with scores of 80.67 and 73.67.

The Pro Wakesurf Finals were equally thrilling, as riders took to the water to showcase their finesse and artistry. Jett Lambert emerged as the champion, delivering a mesmerizing performance that earned him a remarkable score of 95.67. Taylor Swanson wasn’t far behind, claiming second place with an impressive score of 94.00. Camron Swanson exhibited his skills and landed in third place with a score of 78.00. Beaux Wildman rounded up the top four with a score of 71.67, impressing the audience with his remarkable talent.

pro wake tour stop 1-2

The Junior Pro Wakeboard category witnessed an intense competition among rising stars, showcasing their determination and drive. Beaux Wildman emerged as the champion, capturing the first-place position with his exceptional skills. Shion Takaiwa and Daniel Johnson delivered commendable performances, securing the second and third positions respectively. Noah Bollard showcased his talent and finished in fourth place.

pro wake tour stop 1-3

Full Results: 
Groveland, FL PWT #1

Pro Wakeboard Tour Quarter Finals Results
Friday, May 19

Heat 1 Results
1. Shota Tezuka      85.67
2. Massi Piffaretti   81.00
3. Tanner Higham    58.00
4. Parker Swope      57.33

Heat 2 Results
1. Maxime Roux       85.76
2. Thomas Herman  80.00
3. Sam Brown            46.67
4. Pierce Anderson    22.33

Heat 3 Results
1. Tyler Higham         90.00
2. Jamie Huser          81.67
3. Ulf Ditsch                72.33
4. Noah Wildman        68.33

Heat 4 Results
1. Fynn Bullock         85.00
2. Luca Kidd              82.33
3. Yu Hamazaki          27.00
4. Nic Rapa                   4.00

Heat 5 Results
1. Cory Teunissen       90.00
2. Jake Pelot                85.00
3. Kai Ditsch                  78.33
4. Cody Hunnicutt          55.00
5. Hunter Smith              31.67

Saturday, May 20
Pro Wakeboard Semi Finals Results

Heat #1
1. Massi Piffaretti      89.00
2. Shota Tezuka         85.33
3. Tyler Higham         82.33
4. Jamie Huser           79.00
5. Thomas Herman     76.33

Heat #2
1. Cory Teunissen     89.33
2. Maxime Roux        87.33
3. Fynn Bullock         85.67
4. Jake Pelot              84.00
5. Luca Kidd               80.67

Pro Wakeboard Finals Results
1. Cory Teunissen     93.33
2. Tyler Higham         91.33
3. Fynn Bullock          87.67
4. Massi Piffaretti       85.33
5. Maxime Roux        80.67
6. Shota Tezuka        73.67

Pro Wakesurf Tour
Semi Finals Results

Heat #1
1. Taylor Swanson     86.00
2. Beaux Wildman      80.00
3. Nathan Cherry         68.33
4. Whit Shropshire       65.00
5. Reed Cole-Tucker    57.67

Heat #2
1. Jett Lambert               90.00    
2. Camron Swanson      78.33
3. Dylan Matthews           65.67
4. Jacob Caster               60.67
5. Whitley Stewart           46.67

Pro Wakesurf Finals Results
1. Jett Lambert           95.67
2. Taylor Swanson      94.00
3. Camron Swanson   78.00
4. Beaux Wildman       71.67

Junior Pro Wakeboard

Heat #1
1. Daniel Johnson 83.67
2. Shion Takaiwa   81.33
3. Talen Brown        67.67
4. Jett Gibson          61.67

Heat #2
1. Noah Bollard       84.00
2. Beaux Wildman   80.33
3. Brett Powell           77.33
4. Barrett Swope        63.33

Finals Results
1. Beaux Wildman
2. Shion Takaiwa
3. Daniel Johnson
4. Noah Bollard

The Pro Wakeboard Tour’s first stop in Groveland, Florida set the bar high for the upcoming events, promising an exhilarating season filled with remarkable displays of athleticism and skill. Spectators and fans eagerly anticipate the next stop on the tour, eagerly awaiting the next thrilling showdown.

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About Pro Wakeboard Tour:
The Pro Wakeboard Tour is a premier wakeboarding competition series that brings together the best athletes in the sport to compete for top honors. Known for its electrifying performances and jaw-dropping tricks, the tour captivates audiences worldwide. With stops in various locations, the Pro Wakeboard Tour showcases the athleticism and skill of the world’s top wakeboarders and wakesurfers.