Do you know the definition of the word BLAST? Blast: A strong rush of air. We didn’t get that while we were building our Surf Expo booth today. And let me tell you something, it wasn’t a blast, because it was so damn hot and the amount of problems we ran into were nothing to brag about. The morning started out awesome, Corey and William were shirtless, Billy was directing and the whole booth was framed out. Garrett and I showed up and we must have brought a shit storm of problems with us, ‘cause it went downhill from there. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t fun. Can you spell FUN? Fun is the word that is being thrown around a lot this week, so I have to know why building a booth isn’t fun? FUN: Lively, playfulness and pleasure. I found none of these things today. The funniest moment was when Billy and I were wiping oils from our sandwiches on our legs because I forgot to grab napkins. The day ended and Garrett and I drove to Maitland only to run into some heavy traffic, and then when I got into my buddy’s car the alternator decided to take a dump on me. Tomorrow’s a new day and I hope to find some solitude to scream into my hands to rinse away this pain I feel in my brain. GOAD: A sharp pointed stick used in driving oxen. We were oxen today.