Electric is excited to announce our entrance into the wake market.

This will be done as always in true Electric fashion, with an elite team of like minded, progressive riders who are as passionate about the progression of their sport as we are committed to making ground breaking, quality eye wear.

Joining Electric’s team of Wakeboarders and Wakeskaters are: Steel Lafferty, Josh Palma, Stu Shinn, and Dieter Humpsch

Here is what our new Family members had to say about Joining Electric’s Team of greatness:

Steel Lafferty: “I am so stoked on signing with Electric, they are such an insane company and have the sickest product! As a pro wakeboarder I want to progress the sport and touch the untouchable, Electric is a company that wants to back me up and help me achieve the same goals that I’m striving to accomplish!! 

Josh Palma: “I’m so excited to be part of the Electric Visual wake initiative. Electric’s product speaks for itself as their shades offer the perfect blend of style, performance, and functionality. By combining unrivaled products with unique branding that will provide a fresh take on the wake scene, Electric will quickly become a major player in our industry. Holla.

Stu Shinn: “I’m super stoked to sign with electric they have put together an amazing wake team and I’m super excited to work with them a bunch this upcoming season! 

Dieter Humpsch: “I’m super excited to be on the electric team! Always been a big fan and to have them support the wake industry is awesome! Pumped to be apart of it all! 

Look out for the antics of the Electric wake team as we make a unified push to be at the forefront of yet another lifestyle.