Trever feels more comfortable with a camera in his hands, not a microphone.

The Orlando premiere of Dog Dayz stormed into the eyeballs of attendees this past weekend and the verdict was unanimous: guilty on all accounts of awesome. With sports bar/restaurant Harry Buffalo and its 50-plus big screen TV’s and two giant projectors playing host, the several-hundred-strong crowd were treated to visual delights courtesy of the west coast crew in the video.

Fans, friends, family, and riders from all generations – from legends like Parks Bonifay and Cobe Mikacich, to young groms like Tyler Higham and Tyler Worrall all came out to watch the latest full length wake video. Rider/filmmaker Trever Maur (doesn’t that still sound a bit funny, kinda like back in the day when Pete Rose was Player/Manager for the Reds?) delivered the goods in what can only be described as his best video project yet. Not only has Trever’s filmmaking, cinematography, creativity, and editing all improved, but his riding has also improved. From start to finish, Dog Dayz perfectly showcases the unique qualities and diversity of west coast riding right now. Whether it’s legends like Randall Harris still going huge or Mike Schwenne taking his surf style to a new level, or young guns Jacob Valdez showing his more refined approach or Josh Twelker mixing controlled style with unbelievable hammers, Dog Dayz has it all in spades. What also helps set the video apart is how it lets you into the lives of the riders just a bit. Some of the audio gives you some insight into their thought processes, vision, and motivation.

Upstairs and downstairs were packed full of people waiting to see the most anticipated film of the year.

We don’t want to give away the entire thing, so just mark your calendar for May 24 when Dog Dayz will be available for download on iTunes. In the meantime stay tuned to alliancewake.com and our Instagram and Facebook feeds for some awesome Dog Dayz giveaways, including brand new Hyperlite Vagabond (Trever Maur pro model) and Liquid Force Witness wakeboards. Leading up to the official public release we’ll be hosting regular contests to give away these awesome prizes.


DSC06340The only female, Melissa Marquardt, showing that she can hang with the boys.