Every couple of years the river Rhine rises so much it bursts its banks, it happened this February in Cologne, Germany. O’Neill team rider Nico von Lerchenfeld, also based in Cologne was on hand to take advantage of this as the river covered some spots with so much water they turned typically landlocked features into wakeboard dream spots! with the help of a winch and a tight crew including a filmer, photographer Nico got to work hitting every spot he could.

With snow falling and low temperatures, Nico found a few spots pretty testing as his binding laces would freeze every time he walked back for another try. Typically Nico would be riding warmer location this time of year but with the pandemic, unable to escape the cold and not being completely in riding shape he was presented with a battle to hit these high-consequence spots! With water only ankle-deep above concrete and tight tricky landing areas, it sure made for an interesting session “in the streets”. But it’s especially this urban environment that makes it so exciting, it’s what Nico chases, where he thrives as you can see in this video piece.

Featuring Team O’Neill athlete Nico von Lerchenfeld
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