Cobalt R6 Surf

About Cobalt:
There’s really nothing quite like a Cobalt. Since its first day on the water over 50 years ago, only a Cobalt has inspired a sense of ownership synonymous with accomplishment. Recognized as America’s boat-building experts, Cobalt’s commitment to standard-setting performance and luxury continues to make it much more than just a purchase – it’s a destination. From the moment you know you want one to the moment you finally own one, nothing should compromise your life’s pursuit. Only a Cobalt – three words poised to define the next generation of boat owners.

About the R6 Surf:
Continuing to demonstrate its commitment to the growing Surf market, Cobalt introduces the R6 Surf boat. Updated styling, expansive interior, additional storage for personal belongings and water toys, and options galore, are just some of the reasons to get excited about the R6 Surf. What really sets the R6 Surf boat apart is the revolutionary Cobalt Surf System (CSS) that delivers the cleanest waves and best push on the water – exactly the world-class tournament-style waves the surf pros demand. The CSS includes 6 hard ballast tanks that can have as much as 2300 pounds of ballast, a specifically-designed surf hull, the Volvo forward drive engine and the best-in-class Surf Gate™ technology that shapes the perfect wave.

Cobalt R6Surf Helm

Glass Cockpit
The Cobalt Glass Cockpit System is the premier multi-display solution for total helm control. The dual Garmin touchscreen interface is fully integrated with the most pivotal handling and safety information from your Cobalt powertrain, navigation, and systems. The result is the ultimate boating experience now available with larger 10” screens optional on select Cobalt models.

Cobalt R6Surf Swim Step

The Cobalt patented Swim-Step makes boarding your Cobalt a breeze, lowering well below the water surface. Effortless in its deployment, allowing easy and safe access in our out of the water, and provides a perfectly cool resting area.

Cobalt R6Surf SurfGate

Surf Gate™
Surf Gate is the dominant surf technology in the industry – and for good reason. Using high-speed hydraulic actuators, Surf Gate creates an endless surf-able wave on either side of the boat. Just ask the pros – they’ll tell you Surf Gate creates the longest, highest, cleanest and has the best push out there. Get back as far as you want or as close as you want.

Length: 25’ 9”
Beam: 8’ 6”
Dry weight: 6,100 lbs
Factory Ballast: 2,300 lbs
Passenger capacity: 14
MSRP: $174,287


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