Dylan Miller just released his first ever pro model the “Slingshot Solo” so we caught up with him to see what all the hype is about.  Photo: Rutledge

How did you find out you were getting a pro model?
Jeff told me when I was in the Phillies shooting a while ago.  We were having dinner and Jeff brought up my contract and that we need to talk about my pro model I would be getting it.  It caught me completely off guard but I was pumped to start designing my own board.

What makes your board different than the other slingshot boards?
The biggest difference is the profile, the width.  It’s a lot narrow than most of the other Slingshot boards in the line.  Making it narrower lets you ride a longer board without the weight that usually comes with bigger boards.  Also, the transition from heel to toe edge is faster riding a narrower board.

What is the theme behind your graphic?
I just wanted something funny and a character, Wesley Jacobsen actually ended up drawing it for me.  The background is an old newspaper from my hometown though.  It’s from like 1936 or something, it’s the oldest newspaper they have achieved from my hometown.  One of the advertisements is about baths baths baths(laughs.)  I guess people didn’t have baths at their house and all had to go to town to take one.  There is also stuff about horse and buggies.  There is only 1500 people in my town so they documented everything really well which is pretty cool.

Does it ride just as good on boat and cable?
I wanted a board that was good for both so you aren’t having to switch boards.  The first time I rode the board was behind the boat and was surprised how well it rode.  My stokemeter may have been peaking but I had one of the best sets ever the first time I rode it.  I ride more cable than boat which makes having flex tips nice but they don’t give out or mess up the pop or landings behind the boat.

What are your plans for this winter?
I’ve never been to AUZ so I really want to go there.  Just go ride and film with everyone since there are so many places to ride.