On Sept 13th, 2008 J-Star wakeboard company and the Central Oklahoma Wakeboarding Center put into ink a sponsorship, making COW-c the J-Star embassy of the Central United States. For the 2009 season and the rest of the 2008 year, J-Star will have their namesake in the form of an eight foot tall kicker at the Central Oklahoma Wakeboarding Center Cable Park, which is already afloat and being sessioned by riders as you read this.

J-Star will be offering product designed for a great ride and hi-performance behind the boat while displaying key features aimed towards jibbing enthusiast! J-Star pro-model decks are designed with unique rolled rails to absorb impacts and sit the board higher up out of the water in order to make the transition onto rails, ramps and boxes smoother. In combination with J-Stars flow base, which make the boards tougher and more durable, you can expect your board to last over a season of hard hits.
Pro-riders Kieth Lidberg, Jack Blodgett, Jeff Weatherall and Brett Eisenhauer have all found a home at J-Star and will have freshly shaped pro-models released in 2009. Kieth Lidberg was awarded Rail Rider of the Year last season for his mind blowing technical jib skills. Jeff Weatherall is a fierce competitor at world wide pro-tour stops and Brett Eisehauer has been taking the podium since the game started. Jack Blodgett is the man behind the scenes bringing you all the best wake videos while still holding his own with his refined pro-model board and boot combo dubbed the Vanity. In addition to five wakeboard shapes, three wakeskate styles will be available, in multiple sizes for the 2009 season. The Concave deck and Bi-Level skates offer designs such as the Flow Base material and Blunted tips and tails in order to keep your skate in one piece.
Be on the watch as J-Star pro-riders will be hitting up Central U.S. to try out their new playground at the Central Oklahoma Wakeboarding Center…

All of the 2009 J-Star gear will be available for riders from the OKC Board Shop. The Okc Board Shop is a long term sponsor and supporter of COW-c and has their showroom located on site at the Cable Park!