The Valdosta Yardsale Strikes Back! This year we are stoked to present the Valdosta Yardsale 2 at the Valdosta Wake Compound April 27-29th. For it’s triumphant return, we have a completely new format and layout for the event.

We are going to be hosting a wildcard qualifier on Friday April 27th on the full cable that anyone can enter for the $100 entry fee. Four wildcards will be selected out of that contest to participate in the Yardsale for the weekend. The full cable will then open to the public and the invited/wildcard riders for the rest of the day.

The main event of the weekend will be held on the full cable where all invited and qualified wildcard riders will battle it out on Saturday morning starting at 9am.  After the main event, the full cable will be open to the public to ride and for the invited/qualified riders to film for the remainder of the weekend.

Separately from the full cable competition, we will have the riders divided into 5 randomly selected teams. Each team will be led by a predetermined team captain whose responsibility is to coordinate with their team during their assigned times on the System 2.0 and any other time on the full cable over the weekend to produce the best team edit possible. Two weeks after the event, the teams will drop their videos on and let the voters decide which team made the best video and a group of Yardsale champions will be crowned!

For more info, call the Valdosta Wake Compound at (229) 375-3060