James and River enjoying a little father/son time at Battle Falls    Photo: Garrett Cortese


Way to change a diaper
Best: In a room with good ventilation
Worst: With a blindfold on

Way to discipline your child
Best: Spare the rod, spoil the child
Worst: No discipline is the worst discipline

Thing about wakeskating
Best: Freedom
Worst: For some reason we always end up in some dirty hole


Body varial, Balzer style     Photo: Garrett Cortese
Thing about Canada
Best: Toques
Worst: The cold

Thing about Florida
Best: Warm water
Worst: It’s so far away from the fam

Best: The ocean
Worst: Rotting mouse in a trap that’s three weeks old

Way to say hello
Best: Over-under hug
Worst: The pound

Type of kiss
Best: Good morning kiss
Worst: With a dude

Best: Tighty whiteys
Worst: Baggy boxers

Time of day
Best: Sunrise
Worst: Nightfall

Vehicle you’ve ever owned
Best: White Lightning (Ford F150)
Worst: The Exploder (Ford Explorer)


Balzer is always good for a special face… Photo: Garrett Cortese