What’s up, photo fans? Guess what time of year it is again? If you guessed Photo Battle then congratulations you read the title and have already taken the first step towards winning a kickass prize!

We at Alliance are happy to announce the next incarnation of the Photo Battle, this year brought to you by BoardCo. This contest gives you a chance to show off some of your photography skills and potentially win a $750 gift card to! All you have to do is e-mail your best wake-related action photo to From there we will select the 16 best photos and go head-to-head in a tournament format voted on by you, the readers of If your photo is the last one standing after it’s all said and done, you will be doing some serious wake shopping!

Enter now! we’re taking submissions and getting this contest started!

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Check out some of the past winners!

Photo Battle #4 – Winner: Andy Guilinta, Rider: Joel DeRoche
Andy won a $400 gift card to Marine Products

Photo Battle #3 – Winner: Brandon Hesterman
Brandon won a grand prize from Vonzipper

Photo Battle #2 – Winner: Robin Mazurel
Robin won a prize pack from

Photo Battle #1 – Winner: James Mooney
James won a full setup from CWB