It’s a known fact: road trips are always a pain in the butt. But every year we still do them. Why? ‘Cause they’re fun. No matter what goes wrong on a road trip, you’re guaranteed to have some funny stuff happen. Such was the case with the three-week Alliance road trip from Orlando to San Diego. Yes, we’re driving across the country, and we don’t even have an RV. The A.V.E. (Alliance Visual Experiences) team is working on making a new full-length wake video for your viewing pleasure and decided to base it on this road trip. The roadies include Danny Harf, Ben Greenwood, Aaron Reed, Collin Wright and George Daniels. Nissan hooked up a brand new Titan and Armada for towing/living vehicles, Supra hooked up a 24 SSV, Sea-Doo hooked up a wake edition PWC and Distortion hooked up a brand new Grinch winch.
    Sure, it took us until the end of the fourth day of the trip to get out of the state of Florida, but it was still fun. The first week of the trip featured some incredible filming with Hollywood-type equipment, winching in spots where if we were caught we might have been arrested, a visit to the doctor, huge pickles, and a surprise birthday party, plus a whole lot more.
    Keep your eyes peeled on everything Alliance for more from this epic cross-country wake journey. The mag’s gonna have articles, the web’s gonna have more updates, and the movie’s gonna be out this summer.