CopyCatsClub is a group of riders responsible for giving women wakeboarders a bigger platform in the sport. Founded by Sina Fuchs, CopyCat’sClub has been able to bring together some of the best women riders in the sport to build a community with their own online news bulletin, eshop, print publicatoin, movie (with a second on the way) and most recently a pro model board with Slingshot. Explained simply, the CopyCats Pro takes two of slingshot’s most tried and true boards and mashes them together for a unique yet familiar ride. This board takes the Coalition’s chined rails and pairs them with the silhouette of a Terrain to meet somewhere in the middle of the two. The CopyCats Pro’s beveled edges are not as pronounced as the Coalition making the board track a bit better and also land with a bit more stability. This board was designed by some of the best female riders in the world, but don’t place this board into a gender specific category. Sina Fuch’s and the CopyCatsClub have done something special with this shape. It’s an intermediate option between two of the most successful boards in cable wakeboarding history and to overlook it would be a disservice to yourself.
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