The board responsible for ushering a new style of wakeboarding into the current age is back for 2022 in its original black and white color scheme. If you’re not familiar with the Coalition from Slingshot, this board rides like no other, just look at it. Its loose playful feel can be forgiving edge to edge but difficult to master. It can get a bit loose on landings but also helps teach you how to properly land your tricks properly. Chined rails on the bottom of the board are responsible for this unique ride. This board also comes with Slingshot’s Single Shot Fusion Sidewalls as well as a .7mm Ballistic Base that we found to perform very well on Unit and homemade features alike. Lastly but most importantly to some, a fifth binding insert toward the center of the board has been added for the maximum knee banging skinny stance option. If the Coalition can stand up to WMJ’s and Quinn Silvernale’s consistent abuse both at the cable or in the streets, we are sure it will hold up for you as well.
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