Whenever we get the opportunity to test the latest iteration of the Ronix One, the expectations are high as this board is a combination of two of the most successful minds in the sport; Nic Rapa and Danny Harf. As you would expect the first thing we looked at when we got the chance to hop on this board was the pop. As usual, this board delivered a ton of it. The Ronix One boasts an advanced 3-stage rocker and along with any 3-stage rocker board you typically gain a lot of extra pop at the top of the wake. The trade off to that pop is that landings and on water speed require a bit more experience. The One took a bit of getting used to initially, as the 3-stage rocker did slow things up, but the impressive pop on this board certainly made up for it. The One also tracked extremely well. It was very effortless to cut towards the wake which is what made the slower water speed a bit strange. In a straight line the board felt slow, but then once you begin to edge at the wake, the speed picks up more like a mellow 3-stage or even a continuous rocker board. The ingredients to make this board work are all there; it has an amazing pop, great tracking, and decent landings. It’s up to the rider to put those ingredients together to make it magic. Adjusting to this board is essential but the proof is in the pudding when year after year Nic Rapa wins championships with the Ronix One strapped to his feet.
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