Daniel Grant’s TAO line up is not only a staple for Liquid Force but also for the industry as a whole. We have come to look forward to seeing what wild designs DG comes up with for his Wakeskate/Wakeboard combo and this year is sure to live up to everyone’s expectations. A grotesquely made hotdog layered with buoys and bloody Band-Aids may not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s also what makes the TAO series so iconic. As we have also come to expect, Daniel Grant’s board sizes go all the way up to a staggering 160 although we tried the 150 which is still a decent sized board. Despite being an above average board in the length department it is relatively narrow edge to edge, which allows the board to ride deceptively agile in comparison to its length. Another aspect that makes the TAO unique is it’s 3 stage rocker. Continuous rockers have become more common on the cable, but following what everyone else is doing would go against everything this board is about! We found this three-stage rocker to be not as aggressive as the typical 3 stage, it didn’t drag on the water or hold us up but did allow for a bit more stability from tip to tail. Simply put the board felt more balanced on the water. When it comes to finding an indestructible board that can do it all, DG and the team at Liquid Force have done it with the Liquid Force Tao.
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