If you haven’t noticed by now, Liquid Force made a serious effort to bring new shapes into the lineup for 2022 and the introduction of the Bullox is something of a surprise to most, but undeniably deserving. At first glance this board has a pretty loud graphic but it seems to be unanimous that it works. To match the graphic, the board features a 3-stage rocker that provides an aggressive pop which making going big easier. As is traditional with 3-stage boards, the big pop comes at the cost of being a bit slower on top of the water. Similar to the other top of line boards in the LF lineup the Bullox features the popular Aero Core, which we have verified to be one of the lightest board constructions on the market. This board also comes in the original PU construction for a slightly different feel and lower price. Under the board are 4 molded fins along with a squared off tip and tail that really helped maintain your edge all the way through the wake. The Bullox performed flawlessly in our testing, and is perfect for anyone looking for a solid 3-stage rocker shape with a loud presentation.
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