At the core of Roswell’s DNA lies a vision that began with a deep appreciation for moments on the water and a search to discover what they could become. That search continues with each new product, developed without compromise to ensure the smiles they create never stop. Experience the pinnacle of innovation in towers, racks, accessories and marine audio that takes you to a place where imagination meets sound.


roswell marine triton strapless board rack

Triton Strapless Board Rack

The award-winning, patented Roswell Triton has given boards of all shapes and sizes around the world peace of mind knowing that the days of chattering across the water at high speeds are over. Vertical orientation and telescopic grab arms make loading boards a breeze and direct water droplets outside of the boat and away from your head. Unite your quiver in comfort with an innovative design that has revolutionized tower-mounted board storage.

MSRP: $1,599


R1 Pro Tower Speakers

R1 Pro Tower Speakers

Realizing a dream in developing the perfect blend of power and clarity, the tower speaker has been redefined with the award-winning Roswell R1 Pro. Matching this masterpiece of sound with a visual symphony created by the world’s first RGB LED light-permeable speaker housing, the R1 Pro is a mission accomplished in delivering an experience that consumes your senses in a place where imagination meets sound.

MSRP: $1,899


R1 stackables roswell marine audio

R1 Stackable Amps

When the Roswell R1 audio line was created, it demanded an innovative solution to power the pinnacle of marine sound. R1 Stackable Amplifiers give you the ability to create the audio system of your dreams with no limitations. Let your imagination run wild with amps engineered for efficiency in producing crystal clear sound while maximizing power, space and style.

MSRP: $449 – $659


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