The Alliance Wake Surfboard Review has proudly established itself as wakesurfing’s most extensive and accurate product test, bringing you honest and relatable opinions from real surfers. With the overwhelming amount of boards and gear to choose from, it’s not getting any easier to know where to spend your hard-earned money when everything is marketed as “the next great innovation in performance and technology.” That’s why we’ve stepped in to help navigate because, like everyone, we get bummed when something does not measure up to the hype.

The boards submitted for this year’s board review run the gamut from beginner-friendly cruisers to high performance shred sticks. With about half surf-style and half skim-style.

The ultimate asset and upgrade to this test came at the hands of the crew at Nautique. We were fortunate enough to have them offer us the much-ballyhooed new Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon as our test boat. Talk about the perfect wave to put new wake surfboards to the test. This is far and away the best and most fun wake surfboard test we have ever done. Thank you Nautique!

We begin the board review process by reaching out to brands with credible products and ask them to submit their new 2020 board or boards that have undergone changes from the previous season. We then round-up up qualified testers to review the boards across an array of categories and styles. Keeping in mind that some people may want a more user-friendly board, we don’t count any score as a negative, this is truly a review.

WHY WE DO THE REVIEW: Ultimately we love new gear and new boards, so this gives us a chance to surf almost every one. We put these reviews together to give you, the reader/shredder, the most insightful look into each board so that you can seek out the ones that you’re curious about. We always suggest that you go give them a try and decide for yourself, but this review will send you in the right direction.

WHERE WE REVIEWED: Correct Craft World Headquarters – Orlando, FL

Wave setting 3*, speed 11.6 mph, full factory ballast plus two 400-lb. bags, one in each rear compartment.
*Note – this wave can go to 10, but we opted to use it on the most logical setting for most surfers.

On the wave
1. Speed/Drive – how fast it drives towards the swimstep (1 = turtle, 10 = cheetah)
2. Pop – explosiveness off the wave (1 = elephant, 10 = kangaroo)
3. Slash – how it turns on the wave (1 = locked in, 10 = loose)
4. Stays In Wave – how easily it stays in the wave (1 = leg burner, 10 = no effort)
5. Overall Fun Factor – 1 = have ridden better, 10 = now that’s a board!)

SCORES: For each individual category, we added each score given by our reviewers and averaged them out to give a score out of 10, while the overall scores were all added up to be out of 30. The closer a board got to that top score, the better it performed overall. Questions? No? Great! Let’s dive in.

Check out the detailed board review here.

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