Phase 5 arguably has the largest line of wake surfboards out there. Leaders in the wake surfboard category, we know their boards work and year after year we find ourselves gravitating toward a Phase 5 in the end. This year, however, we branched out to review something new and out of our ‘norm’. The Wahoo is the next evolution in wakesurfing design. The new Peanut Rail Outline™ combined with the swallow fish tail will revive the most sedated surfer. A very fast board with mega pop. If you are looking to branch out from your comfort zone and try something different the Wahoo falls right in that category.

MSRP: $995 

Sizes: 53″, 56″

The Wahoo getting some air time (photo: Mathis)

PHASE 5 HAMMERHEAD (Drew Danielo Pro Model)

Drew Danielo’s (7x world champion) brainchild, the Hammerhead is a stable, fast and easy to stay in the wave board. With tech performance at its peak, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. If you like to shuv or revert say hello to your new best friend. Like the Wahoo, the Hammerhead has the new Peanut Rail Outline™ in a skim style board. This board is extremely fast, almost too fast for the average rider, and will make sure you are always on your best game. We recommend staying high on the wave as the Peanut Rail in the nose catches when too low in the trough of the wave. If you want to surf like Drew, this is the board for you!

MSRP: $880 

SIzes: 50″, 53″, 55″


Steve giving the Hammerhead a go (photo: Mathis)



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