Whether you are a seasoned veteran or looking to up your game, the Mission Alpha is the board for you. An all skill level skim-style board with a relaxed shape gives it decent speed and drive to set up your next trick. Don’t get too relaxed though because the nose will catch and send you for a ride if you’re not careful. It comes with a 1” fin and a 2” fin. We reviewed it with the 2” fin and felt it stuck to the wave a bit too much and was a tad too locked in. We recommend using the 1” fin supplied. The carbon fiber deck gives it a lightweight feel and adds strength for the more aggressive rider and traction to the nose for those toes over days.

MSRP: $598

Sizes: 48″, 52″, 56″


The Alpha coming out swinging (photo: Mathis)


The Kappa is a classic. An all around skim-style board perfect for intermediate riders and throwing down tricks. Have kids? Great, they’ll love the Kappa too. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed and drive along with how well it stayed in the wave. It didn’t have a ton of pop for airs but was very responsive on slashes and spun easy for shuv-its. Coming in under $300 without all the bells and whistles in construction while putting a smile on all of our faces, we are giving the Mission Kappa the ‘Alliance Approved King of Value’ award. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, look no further.

MSRP: $278

Sizes: 44″, 48″, 52″


The Kappa surprising everyone and taking the King of Value title (photo: Mathis)


Never judge a book by it’s cover! Of course we did. We weren’t quite sure how it would float at first glance but were pleasantly surprised by how the Charlie performed. With low expectations by all the riders, we took to the water and began to review. Decent speed and stays in the wave okay for how small of a board it is. The pop wasn’t great but if you were learning to bust airs, the ability is there. Very lightweight and fun to slash around. The all wood construction allows for a worry free board on the boat. If you are just learning or looking for a price point board to throw on the boat, the Charlie is the one.

MSRP: $178

SIzes: 42″, 48″


One footers for the fun of it (photo: Mathis)


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