For 35 years, water-skiers, wakeboarders and wakesurfers have put their trust in Malibu technology, performance, safety and quality. Our honor roll of cutting-edge innovations has reshaped the industry again and again. Malibu has also shifted the market away from stern-drive boats to high-performance V-drive boats. Malibu didn’t become the towboat market leader with its technology alone. Dedicated watersports enthusiasts started Malibu, and that makes a difference today in the way we design and build boats, and in the way we listen to our customers and pros.

The undisputed flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, this completely new 24-foot luxury wake beast delivers the highest level of comfort, convenience, technology and wake performance available today. With new exclusive features such as ultra-fast-filling Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast™ that fills in under three minutes and Surf Gate® Fusion which is integrated into the exclusive new M-Line Hull for the largest and cleanest surf swells in the wake boat industry, the M240 brings you something the water has never seen before. If you are looking for unsurpassed luxury, unyielding performance, and unrivaled innovation, the M240 is for you.

LENGTH – 24′
BEAM – 102″
DRY WEIGHT – 7,500 lbs 

Surf Gate Fusion with MLS6 Ballast
Designed exclusively for the M240’s M-Line Hull, Surf Gate Fusion with MLS6 Ballast Tanks bring you the industry’s best wave in less time. Surf Gate Fusion is integrated directly into the hull for a sleeker design while creating an even cleaner surf wave. Malibu Launch System 6 fills six ballast tanks with up to 3,200 pounds of ballast in under three minutes.

Stern Turn
Keep your hand at the throttle and easily maneuver your boat to turn on a dime with this integrated Stern Turn thruster for easier-than-ever docking and trailering. Use in sync with Power Wedge III for 30% quicker rider pick up times and more stability in all water conditions increasing your fun per hour. 

Command Center with mOS
The new mOS (Malibu Operating System) was specially designed to put the information the driver needs in the optimal location with easy to read graphics. The screen has never looked better, featuring 4X higher resolution that is 30% brighter and 4X faster boot time. Now access your most important Apps, from music to weather, without the distraction of your phone.


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