LIQUID FORCE AERO REMEDY (Harley Clifford Pro Model)

The AERO Remedy is so light that you might not even realize it’s still attached once you hit the wake. One of the favorites of the review, the Remedy has been a solid board for years and this version still managed to improve on it. It has an aggressive 3-stage rocker that can kick you up and out with no problem and a wide base to absorb the landings. The core is made of lightweight divinycell to be light as a feather so the only thing weighing you down is the five pounds of chicken wings you smashed before your session. Jake Hunt was absolutely sending it on it saying, “This board is so fast and sends you straight up. I love it.”

MSRP: $759.99

Sizes: 134cm, 138cm, 142cm


Billy Allen inverted (photo: Mathis)



Don’t let the funny shape fool you, this board is a sh*t ton of fun. Liquid Force is always innovating when it comes to a board’s construction and design and this board sits in a class of its own. WIth the most flex in Liquid’s line, the Noodle lives up to its name by being a butter machine. Flexy is an understatement and just take one set on this board to know what we’re talking about. Our testers were buttering the corners and pressing it with ease right off the dock. Josh Young seemed to enjoy it the most saying, “I could spend all day just cruising around on this thing. It’s so different than any board I’ve ever been on and I love it!”

MSRP: $479.99

Sizes: 148cm, 152cm


Nick Belmont had a wheelie good time on it (photo: Mathis)

LIQUID FORCE TRIP (value boat)

One of Liquid Force’s longest running shapes, the Trip is one of those timeless shapes that anyone could love. It’s one of the most user-friendly boards out there and every one of our reviewers was able to hop on it and feel at home in a matter of minutes. But don’t let the friendliness of this board fool you, it can shred hard. With tons of pop and a consistent edge, the Trip can keep up with anyone. With the Gregg Necrason seal of approval, this revamped version of the Trip is going to get you ripping without any issue. Billy Allen was stoked on how easy it was to ride saying, “This board really surprised me by being so easy to ride. Not to mention, it rips.”

MSRP: $299.99

Sizes: 130cm, 135cm, 139cm, 144cm


Jake Hill always trippin’… (photo: Mathis)


The Butterstick is a stripped down version of the Butterstick Pro that is still a full-on shred machine. The new 2D Flex Tips allow you to press the board as hard as you want while still having plenty of recoil to pop out of any press you find yourself in. Its wood core feels super lively on the water and gives you tons of pop whether you’re ollieing onto a rail, winching a new spot, or boosting off a kicker. A favorite of the team, the Butterstick lives up to its name. Smooth and steady, you’ll be wanting to spend countless laps at the cable on it. So what are you waiting for? Grab some toast and butter it up!

MSRP: $399.99

Sizes: 140cm, 145cm, 150cm


Fish eye view of Josh Young buttering around (photo: Mathis)


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