LIQUID FORCE KEEN (Austin Keen Pro Model)

So you want to surf like Austin huh? First you’ve got to grow yourself some dreads. All jokes aside, we are #1 fans of watching Mr. Keen surf behind the boat. Fast, nimble and flawless are a few words that describe his surfing, which also describe his board too. The Keen is extremely light and fast, providing a flawless ride. It has the ability to bust big airs and throw massive slashes. If you like spinning 360’s or getting tech with your shuv game, this board will favor you. A true skim-style board with multiple fin options giving you the ability to switch up the feel. Want a more skatey feel? Try a twin setup. More surf? Try a thruster.

MSRP: $699

Sizes: 52″, 56″, 60″


Get this board, grow out some dreads, and shred like Austin (photo: Mathis)


Always known for their innovation, Liquid Force continues to push the envelope. This blast from the past with a twist of the future had us all chomping at the bit to give it a go. With the double concave venturi bottom, the Bonzer Bat had no problem generating speed or staying in the wave. Don’t let the narrow outline fool you, it was superb rail to rail and never caught. Technically designed as more of a lip basher than an air assassin, the Bonzer Bat had some decent pop overall. A stable, fun, consistent board for those trying to step up their game while trying something a bit different. We are a fan of variety.

MSRP: $839.99

Sizes: 4’2″, 4’6″, 5″


This throwback deck rips! (photo: Mathis)


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