Aggressive and poppy are two words to describe the Jobe Knox. Its 3-stage rocker boosts off the wake while the built in flex makes your landings nice and smooth whether you’re going wake-to-wake or out into the flats. Once you’re done behind the boat, this board isn’t too shabby out at the cable. We didn’t get a chance to spin some laps with it but what we saw behind the boat was enough for us. Its deep-grooved channels and sharp edges keep the tracking on the water tight so you can edge in with confidence. Billy Allen was having a good session on it saying, “This board holds an edge so easy. You can boost on it with no problem.”

MSRP: $359.99

Sizes: 139cm, 143cm

Billy Allen breaking in the Knox (photo: Mathis)


Jobe has been cranking out quality boards for years and the Breach is another solid deck in their line up. It’s 3-stage rocker is super aggressive on the water made to boost harder and bigger off of every kicker you come across. Its channels help you hold your edge when cutting into air tricks and are great for locking in on rails. It has plenty of stance options so you can go as wide or as skinny as you’d like. Our tester Cassidy Stow was digging it saying, “This board is perfect for kickers! You can hold your edge into them easily and the landings are nice and soft no matter how big you go!”

MSRP: $499.99

Sizes: 135cm, 139cm, 143cm

Gappin’ with Josh Young (photo: Mathis)


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