Wake Worx inteliPlug

It solves the problem of forgetting to install your drain plug before launching. The inteliPlug uses an aviation grade proximity sensor to detect whether the plug is closed or not. When the ignition is turned on with the plug out, the alarm will sound, and an LED light will come on signaling you to check your drain plug.

MSRP: $149


Wake Worx Super Surf’R

Aftermarket wake surfing tabs that fit most boats thanks to the adjustable and patented design. Position indicating LEDs let you know where your tabs are set. Provides quick surf transfers without shifting ballast. Constructed with heavy duty 12 gauge electropolished stainless steel. Allows you to “dial-in” your perfect wave. Faster time to plane especially when ballasted and compensates for running list caused by loading or wind.

MSRP: $2999 (with GPS) // $2699 (with independent LED)




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