Tidal Wake Shaper XLR8

Turn Your Boat into a Surf Machine!  XLR8 Wedge-Style High-performance wake generator has an extra-large fin that channels water up to 50% faster and further back for more push and a longer sweet spot to play on. Easy for 1 person to install from inside the boat. Its tool-free, compact design can store in a glove box. Best shaper for all styles and levels of riders. Great for big air & tricks. Strongest suction cups on the market, easy to switch to either side of the boat & it floats!  Patented and engineered for inboard, “V” or forward drive boats.  Made in USA.

MSRP: $219


Tidal Wake Seat Step

Prevent Rips in Your Boat Seat Upholstery!  Boats seats are often mis-used as steps when boarding from the dock, water and swim platform, causing upholstery to wear and tear. Seat Step is a portable, affordable way to protect boat seat cushions, while offering a slip-resistant surface. This specially engineered luxury marine mat has a patent-pending, anti-flex layer embedded in its core. It distributes weight from a concentrated area (like a foot) throughout the entire mat, eliminating the tugging and stretching that rips upholstered fabrics and seams. Protect your investment with Seat Step! 4 rich colors.


MSRP: $89.95


Tidal Wake Water Weights (Pumpless Portable Ballast Bags)

Get the Lead Out! Water Weights are portable ballast bags that hold up to 50 pounds and fine tune your boat’s wake. With its “dip & zip” feature, just fill bag with lake water, use for ballast and dump when you’re done. No pumps needed!  Water Weights are modular, manageable and weightless when not in use. Clumsy lead or sandbags continue to weigh you down and use extra fuel after you’re finished with your water sports.  The large waterproof zipper makes them easy to fill and drain plug makes them easy to empty. Folds flat when not in use.

MSRP: $59.95 each, $199.95 / 4-Pack



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