Clarion XC2510, Ultra-Compact 4+1 Channel Amp

For boaters looking to maximize the performance of their boat’s audio system, the Clarion XC2510 offers huge power in a tiny package. With its compact footprint, the XC2510 can be easily hidden under the helm of most boats and easily connected to the source unit via RCA or high-level speaker inputs. It offers four full-range channels that deliver 75 watts of continuous power each (75w x 4 at 2-ohm / bridged 150w x 2 at 2-ohm) and a dedicated subwoofer channel that delivers a booming 300 watts at 2-ohm. It also offers flexible tuning options, allowing boaters to dial in the gain and low-/high-pass electronic crossovers and bass boost for optimal speaker and subwoofer performance. Designed specifically for boat-use, the XC2510 has no exposed connectors and is sealed against the elements to offer reliable, high-performance sound season after season.

MSRP: $329.99 CMS4, Marine Digital Media Receiver

Music is an essential component to the boating experience. Clarion’s CMS4 digital media source unit is a must-have for boat owners that want style. exceptional performance and broad music source connectivity without compromises. The IP66 control head features an ultra-bright 3.5” color LCD display, intuitive user controls and camera input for monitoring what’s going in the boat’s wake zone. The CMS4 is powerful, offering 280 watts (70w x 4 at 2-ohm) of power! And if that wasn’t enough, it offers eight full range pre-amp outputs and four dedicated subwoofer output channels for adding subwoofers, tower speakers and more. The CMS4 also supports all of today’s popular music source options and has four zone audio source control with independent volume control – allowing people in different parts of the boat to enjoy different audio sources at their desired listening volume. The CMS4 also supports NMEA 2000 integration, allowing music control via on-board multi-function displays from leading manufacturers.

MSRP: $549.99



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