Since the beginning, Bryant has strived to create boats that families will gravitate toward. Whether it be the luxury interiors, world-class watersports performance or high-end materials used, each year Bryant has been a step above the rest. While the folks at Bryant aim to design and build boats that outperform our competition, their end goal is that your family and friends create lifelong memories for years to come aboard your Bryant.

C7 Surf
Created for those looking to tackle the many forms of life on the water, the C7 is the pinnacle model in the Bryant line-up. At 27-feet in length, this boat comes with a luxurious amount of space for a large crew and all their gear, and cuts through big water with its deep hull design. With the Volvo Forward Drive and Integrated Surf Tabs, the C7 is a high-performing wakesurf boat that delivers luxury and pure boating pleasure. 

LENGTH – 26’8″
BEAM – 102″
DRY WEIGHT – 5,601 lbs (approx.) 
MSRP – $158,635

BryantVUE® Touch Display
You will find the new 12.3” BryantVUE™ Touch Display comes standard on all Bryant C7 Surf boats for controlling all of your boat’s settings and so that you can easily viewing vital information. Located to the right of the steering wheel, the BryantVUE is easy to see and utilize at any time.

Volvo Penta® Forward Drive
Standard on the Bryant C7 Surf is the Volvo Penta 350 Forward Drive engine. Equipped with ZeroOff GPS Speed Control and electronic shift and throttle, this engine provides unmatched performance for wakesurfing and other watersports. Bump up to the Volvo Penta 380 or Volvo Penta 430 Forward Drive engines for added horsepower.

Internal Ballast
Ready to surf at the touch of a button? The Bryant C7 comes with 2,200 lbs. of internal ballast so that your boat is ready to surf right out of the gates. Fill or empty tanks right at the helm using the 12.3” BryantVUE® Touch Display.


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