Just like that, the 2019 Alliance Wake Surfboard Test is here. Did you catch that? Yes we said “wake surfboard”, not wakesurf board. Feel free to adopt this terminology as it is much more logical than other variations.

This is our third year including the wake surfboard test in the Alliance Wake Gear Guide issue, and we are truly getting to know what works, what performs and what is fun. Of the brands in this test, we selected the best boards from each brand’s line up. So know that by simply being part of this test makes any of these boards legit, it’s our job to split hairs and really figure out what worked for us and share that back with you.

This year we added two additional testers to legitimize the test that much more. For the past two years our Wakesurf Editor and Creative Director, Steve Reiley has been the talk behind the boards. This year, along with Steve, we have added Josh Kerr (World Surf League Professional Surfer) and Ella McCaffray (Amatuer Womens Competitive Surfer) who both spend their days behind the boat when the surf is flat. The power behind (or in front of) the board test this year was the INKEEZE 2018 Malibu 21 MLX equipped with the Indmar Raptor 400 motor and a torque prop. On a gorgeous sunny day in San Diego we set out to test this years board submissions. Read on to find out which boards impressed the testers and what board(s) you are going to want to add to your board rack this season.
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