Hurricane Trav is a force of nature. One of the hardest working dudes out there, Travis is down to hit any rail, any gap, and everything in between. Dropping bombs in contests like his patented tre flip front lip, Travis is an absolute work horse. He’s been building and slaying the Valdosta Wake Compound all 2018 and had a banger section in “The Coalition The Sequel” so we thought it was only fitting to make him the 2018 Wakeskate Rider of the Year! Yeah Trav!

Wakeskate ROTY

Hard Drive Ep. 1

Wakeskate Tour 2018: VWC Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

 Tre flip front lip in the light (photo: Mathis)

“Did I just land that?!” Yes, yes you did Trav (photo: Mathis)

Kickflip off the bobber? Yeah, no problem (photo: Mathis)

When you go hard, you fall hard (photo: Mathis)

Kickflip front board (photo: Mathis)