Now that we’ve gotten the ROTY awards out of the way, it’s time to get down to the fun ones. In years past, we’ve done everything from “D-List Celebrity” to the infamous “Wake Butt of the Year”. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go down that road again…this year, we went a different route with a few funny ones and a few random ones. These range from who we felt relentlessly put out content to who jumped in and out of the public’s eye and everything in between. 

Check them out below!

Content, content, content. That’s what the people want! And who gives it to them? Well, everyone these days but some more than others. Shota Tezuka is one of those dudes! Always posting clips and shots, day in and day out. Check his feed if you’re looking for some riding inspo. Shota is our 2018 Content Guru of the Year!

Now let us clarify, we mean “Diva” in the nicest way here. Nic just cares a lot about the sport and when things don’t go as planned he, well, doesn’t like it. You rip Nic! Congrats on Diva of the Year! 

We gave Massi “Drunkest Snapchatter” back in 2016 so this one was a no-brainer. If you follow him (@massipiffa) then you know what we’re talking about here. Massi loves a good selfie, as well as FaceTime, and we love Massi so here’s to Mr. Selfie of 2018! Now start riding again!

Now you see him, now you don’t! Bob Soven couldn’t keep himself from being injured this past year so he was in and out of the public eye all season long. We would get little glimpses of him here and there with his famous boat show escalator tricks but other than that, he was pretty quiet. Look forward to seeing you in 2019 Bob but for now, you’re the 2018 Magician of the Year!

Wesley Mark Jacobsen is a man of many talents. He shreds on any board you put him on, draws graphics for his own pro model (The Coalition) and more boards in the Slingshot line, and edits some of the best videos on the web these days. He does all of this out of his humble abode at the Valdosta Wake Compound. He does a little bit of everything so he takes the title for Renaissance Man of the Year for 2018!