For the past couple years one of the new highlights of Surf Expo hasn’t even taken place at the Orange County Convention Center – it’s been at OWC for Demo Day. An opportunity for retailers to get out and try new product before the Surf Expo convention kicks off, Demo Day this year featured more brands and attendees than ever before. For the entire day Thursday before Surf Expo, OWC was closed to the public just so registered attendees could come demo products from companies like Hyperlite, Byerly, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Jobe, and even Europe-based brand Axis. For those interested in the Stand Up Paddle world, the cable on the larger beginner lake was closed down so people could paddle, yoga, race, and even fish from the hundreds of demo boards lining the shore.

Riders such as Jimmy LaRiche, Shane Bonifay, Shaun Murray, Scott Byerly, Brenton Priestley, and Danny Hampson were all on hand to talk to retailers about their boards, help them get setup with a demo, or just shoot the breeze. It goes without saying that those guys all talked about how hard their boards popped and how soft they landed… When they weren’t helping with demos, Bob Soven and James Balzer kept themselves entertained by submarine attacking unknowing SUPpers. All-in-all it was a great day for manufacturers and Surf Expo attendees alike. If you came to Surf Expo this year but missed out on Demo Day, be sure to schedule it for 2014 as it’s guaranteed to be even bigger and better.


2014 Liquid Force FLX and Vantages getting setup for a demo


Long lines but always lots of fun


The Shan bros… Shan(e) and Sha(u)n… Yeah, that was a stretch, but what are you going to do, it’s a Monday…


Jimmy LaRiche talking about his new Hyperlite Franchise FLX board


Do you think the SUP market has grown much in the past year or two?


Testing 1, 2, 3…


Hampson working for the Man


Felix couldn’t resist trying one out




If it has two coolers, a fishing pole holder and a trolling motor is it still a SUP board?


Some of Slingshot’s new goodies for 2014


Hyperlite boots


Fun for everybody