The weather was awesome with sunny blue skies and just a slight breeze at the start, and thousands of fans came out to watch. The tide was high and consistent this year meaning that nobody had massive rails or shallow wakes to deal with, and in Men and Women’s the standard of riding excelled previous years. It all came down to the 6-man super final with Dan Nott, Sam Carne, David O’Caoimh, Daniel Powers, Danny Thollander and Dylan Mitchell, and with a few falls and some bangers stuck the competition was really close. WhiteNoSugar Productions put together this video of everything that went down on Saturday.

1st Dan Nott

2nd Danny Thollander

3rd Daniel Powers

4th Sam Carne

5th David O’Caoimh

6th Dylon Mitchel

Rode Your Luck by The Tapestry