The Pool Gap riding kicked off yesterday with the wakeskaters showcasing what they could on a set up that is not at all skate friendly, before the guys with straps took over for the first round of the WWA Rail Europeans at Wakestock. There was some great riding under the stormy skies of Wales, here are a few clips for you to enjoy. Plenty more to come over the week.

The results are as follows, the top two go through to the next round
Heat 1
1st Trevor Bashir
2nd Mitch Langfield
3rd Sam Carne
4th Nick Davies
5th James Hooper

Heat 2
1st CK Koester
2nd John Tully
3rd Connor Jones
4th Dec Clifford

Heat 3
1st Marc Rossiter
2nd Brenton Priestley
3rd Louis Floyd
4th Danny Thollander
5th Si Chappel

Heat 4
1st James Windsor
2nd Jonty Green
3rd Scotty Broome
4th Mikey Bland
5th Jack Kidd
6th James Whiting