There’s a new www in wakeskating, Wood Works Wakeskating. Rumors have been circulating about the new brand from John Ruark for a while now and we’re happy to report they are true. Ruark and co. were cruising around Surf Expo with a few of their handmade boards to show everyone.

John explained the company will be doing a few things differently. As the name implies, the boards are made of wood, but he said they aren’t your typical wood boards. Each one is hand made with a process similar to how they make boats. What exactly does that mean?

“There’s a lot of sanding and coating and sanding and coating and waiting for stuff to cure,” John said. “It’s a lot more processes than most people are using. We’re also using marine plywood, which stops the board from warping. You can leave them in the hot car for a whole year and they don’t warp.”


Ruark means business. Geery photo.

Another unique thing about Wood Works is that when you purchase a board you can create a profile and they will remember the exact specs of the board you ordered. Then when it’s time to get a new one they will tweak the board (within reason) to your specifics. Also available are completely custom boards, but they are slightly more expensive (about $600) and would take a bit longer than one of the standard shapes.

Also in the works for Wood Works is a double-decker, which weighs in at nine and half pounds. It should be available within the next six months.

woodworks new team rider

Maybe a new team rider? Geery photo.

The Wood Works team includes Rich Facciano, Pat Mulvaney, Keith Wilson (who is actually pressing the boards,) in addition to John Ruark.

Right now boards are available in almost any size between 38 and 42 inches. Plans are for even bigger decks in the near future. Boards retail for $315, shipping included. Local orders can be made for $285. “Our prices are a little bit higher than some of the other wood wakeskates, but we’re using marine plywood,” John said. “The life expectancy of the board is a lot longer than your average wood skate. We’re putting a lot of money into the materials and production.”

You can order boards on www.woodworkswakeskates.com and they will also be available at select retailers.


This is where your feet go. Ruark photo.


Top view of the 39.25. Geery photo.


Graphics and grip. Geery photo.