The Almost Heroes Tour is a 50 day road trip with the Remote Wakeskates team and film/ photo crew. They’re currently driving cross country to spread the love for wakeskating. They’re doing demo’s and ride days at multiple spots and filming their team film which will debut next year. They have boards on hand to test out at every stop and the whole crew to help with tips and any questions about wakeskating. Click here to find the stop dates and route so you can join the party.


In the meantime, enjoy the interview and videos bringing you up to date on the trip thus far…


Have you had any encounters with the law?

Nothing too harsh. We camped above the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco the other night and got the “get the fuck out of here” honk at 7 am, but it was totally worth it.

Who has the worst eating habits? 

It’s hard to say. We have been pretty good this trip, packing lunches and eating at better places. There’s no stand outs yet.

What do you do when you have to #2?

The woods or a fast food restaurant. We have only ate at one fast food place because like I said we’re trying to be healthier this trip, so we made a pact to shit in them sort of our way to giving it back to the man.

Who smells the worst? 

If a day goes by with no water time than everyone. That’s the key: winch or swim everyday and your good. We usually soap up at the spots. Keeps people fresh.

Has anyone been banned from the drivers seat yet? 

Nascar Matt is only there in an emergency if we really need to go fast, but for the most part it’s Yan. He’s the driver. Ben and I back him up when he needs a break.

The winch you guys are running with looks pretty high tech. Tell us about it:

It’s Ben’s Ridiculous Winch. It’s the best winch we’ve used in the last few years. Ben is good about keeping it maintained so the thing runs like a dream.

How have you been scouting your locations? 

All day and connecting with local people we know. Everyone has been super helpful.

Who sleeps where? 

Worst case when we can’t put a tent and hammocks out. Here you go. Yan puts the table across the front, then his mattress, Tad and Leo on the L-couch, Nick on the floor, Ben in the Hammock, Matt and myself in the bed. It’s crazy to say it, but it’s not that bad. Texas will be a different story.

Who has the best driving playlist and what does it include? 

Mellow stuff. Were pretty low key on the music because everyone is always on the computer working on stuff. Hooker brought a wireless card so were always good to go.

What’s the best game to pass time in the car?

We haven’t got to that point yet. It’s been pretty much hunting out spots and sleeping. The guys are on it so there’s always a place to be. We had a good break day in Santa Cruz so we just walked around and rode the bikes / watched some surfers, then hit the skate park for a bit. My bf Beni bought me a sick cruiser at the Skate shop there! Haha.


Wet or dry, the boys at Remote know a thing or two about skating…

What has been the most memorable occurrence thus far? 

Dang that’s hard. All the spots are sick, but I think the best stuff is just the camping and being Remote with everyone. That’s what our team is about. Everyone involved is down and really brings something to the group. One of the coolest things though was heading over the pass from Tahoe to Minden one night super late trying to find a spot to camp. Every Tahoe campsite was full so we just headed towards the next days demo at WOW and we found this sick little spot of the side of the road. Tucked in so no one could see us. Yan put his tent up, and Hooks and I had hammocks going from the van back to one tree with the rest of the team in the van. It was pretty awesome. I think that’s when the free camping thing started. We haven’t paid yet.