Congratulations to Brett Little for taking home the gold at todays cable stop, and to Reed Hansen for taking the overall toejam crown!!!  It was a great day full of top-notch riding, and I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us next year.

Posted below is a breakdown of today’s heats, check back soon for a more complete story and photos covering the event.


Round 1 (Top16)

Steve Cambell vs. Andrew Pastura

George Daniels vs. Aaron Reed


Travis Doran vs. Brett Little

Kyles Hyams vs. Brian Grubb


Aaron Perkins vs. Clint Tompkins

John Ruark vs. Brandon Thomas


Cody Rivet vs, Stuart Shinn

Matt Manzari vs. Reed Hansen


Round 2 (Top 8)

Andrew Pastura vs. Aaron reed

Brett Little vs. Kyle Hyams


Clint Tompkins vs. John Ruark

Stu Shinn vs. Reed Hansen


Round 3 (Top 4)

Aaron Reed vs. Brett Little

Clint Tompkins vs, Stu Shinn



Stu Shinn vs. Brett Little