This month’s spot is in Tennessee, home of the Jack Daniels distillery. You should check them both out. I won’t give out the directions for the spot, cause no one likes seeing their spot blown up and shut down. I will tell you it’s in Murfreesboro, and from there you’re on your own.

Walking up to it I thought this was definitely going to be a short lived set, seeing how the drop was in a park in plain view of a major highway. Turns out I was wrong. This spot is definitely worth a good session. We blasted off it all day until everyone was beat and the boards were broke, which wasn’t too hard, since it was about a seven-foot drop. The set up is perfect, but you have to swim out a ways unless you have a canoe or something to that effect. The runway is as long as you want and it’s about a four-foot ollie lengthwise over the rock ledge. The landing is only three feet deep so don’t dive in and you’re good. You should probably check for debris, but overall the area looked clean to me. Scenery-wise this place is a ten. Since it’s a seven-footer I’d say it’s an 8 on the difficulty scale, but if you spent some time there you could definitely get it dialed for some hammers.

I’m good friends with the Hippie (Kyle Walton) so I’ve seen a lot of different spillways. Some are perfect, but you usually get kicked out too quickly. Some are too dirty, and some have gators. From what I’ve seen this is one of my favorites, for sure. It’s very user friendly and the locals are rad, you just might have to ask the kids playing in the landing to move over for a bit. So if you’re ever in Murfreesboro and you have a powerful winch for the deep-water starts check it out. If you don’t have your own winch, look for the locals Casey and Michael and they might even give you a pull.